Suzuki DF5 - From £1,095 inc VAT


Max output 6hp / 3.7 kW
Capacity 138 cc
Cylinders 1
Transom height S = 381mm / 15" L = 508mm / 20"
Weight S = 25 kg L = 26 kg
Fuel tank Integral 1.5 litre tank
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Suzuki DF5A Four Stroke Marine Outboard Engine

Suzuki DF5A, DF4A and DF6A bring the advantages of advanced clean burning, fuel saving four stroke technology available to the portable engine user.

Ease of operation and handling ranked very highly in the design criteria and power is provided by a single cylinder OHV engine with a displacement of 138cc. This light weight four stroke outboard produces excellent low to mid range torque and fast acceleration.

A digital capacitor discharge ignition system combines the ignition coil and control processor into a corrosion resistant single unit which produces precise control of the ignition timing, gives stable idling and has a built in rev limiter.

The tiller handle is mounted on the steering bracket allowing the operator to sit well forward improving weight distribution. Other features include 180 degree steering providing good manoeuvrability even in shallow water drive, a 1.5 litre integral fuel tank and a large carrying handle.

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