Suzuki DF200AP - From £17,859 inc VAT


Max output 200 hp / 147 kW
Capacity 2867 cc
Cylinders 4
Transom height L = 508mm / 20" X = 635mm / 25"
Weight L = 228 kg / X = 233 kg
Price includes Selective rotating gearbox
Suzuki precision control (fly by wire)
Singel multi function gauge
Power trim/tilt
Multi-point sequential electronic fuel injection
Choice of control box
Choice of stainless steel propellers
Lean Burn fuel control
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Suzuki DF200AP Four Stroke Marine Outboard Engine

DATATAG security FREE with this engine

New DF200AP: Lightweight design, heavyweight power and Keyless Start System

Suzuki DF200AP redefines lightweight outboard performance, delivering impressive acceleration and low-end torque whilst boasting 12% more fuel efficiency. Want more performance with less cost? Choose the new Suzuki DF200AP.

Maximising your time on the water

Packed full of innovative Suzuki engineering, these super quiet and reliable outboards mean that, whether you’re boating for work or play, you never have to worry.

The ultimate performance package

Combining variable valve timing, a semi-direct air intake and multi-stage induction not only produces awesome top-end performance, but superior torque for greater acceleration.

Key features

  • Suzuki Keyless Start System, a world first for outboard motors and exclusive to the DF200AP - Designed with convenience in mind this system offers simple, stress-free starting and acts as an immobiliser to help deter theft
  • Suzuki Selective Rotation - enables the same engine to operate in either regular or counter-rotation mode giving market-leading versatility
  • Suzuki Precision Control - Electronic throttle and shift system for super smooth and more positive gear operation
  • Saving you money - our unrivalled Lean Burn Fuel Control technology constantly monitors and adjusts the fuel mixture to deliver class-leading fuel efficiency so you can go further, faster, for less
  • Impressive acceleration and low-end torque – courtesy of the largest displacement in class (2867cm3) in-line four cylinder “Big Block ” engine and a high compression ratio of 10.2:1
  • Robust reliability – knock and O2 sensors plus a water detecting system enhance the engine’s strong reliability
  • Quiet operation – a special intake resonator means that the engine is exceptionally quiet
  • Low maintenance – the DF200A benefits from a self-adjusting timing chain which means it never needs lubricating and remains properly adjusted at all times
  • Exciting performance – the DF200A boasts the largest final drive ratio in its class (2.5:1) which leads to powerful torque for quick acceleration and fantastic top-end speed
  • Best power to weight ratio in class – lightweight and powerful, the DF200A is lighter and more compact than the V6 equivalent which makes it ideal for powering a wide range of boats and a viable alternative to old two stroke engines

 This outboard engine is also available as DF200APX (extra long shaft - 30") at just £18,385 inc VAT

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