STCW 2010 Basic Safety Training

Course price: £729.00 inc VAT per person
Max people: 12

STCW Basic Safety Training (2010 Manilla Amendments)

STCW training is mandatory for operation on commercial vessels over 24m load line length and may be required by some employers on SCV coded vessels under 24m length overall. This training includes all 2010 Manilla Amendments, without which qualifications are invalid.

Personal Survival Techniques (STCW 2010)

Sea Survival theory and practical training on the actions to be taken for personal protection in the event of ship abandonment and emergency situations. It includes a 2hr practical swimming pool session with lifejackets and inflatable life raft drills.

Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting (STCW 2010)

Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting are an integral part of ships safety. This module covers the precautions to be taken to minimise the risk of fire on board a ship, the causes of fires and the first means of extinguishing them. Includes theory and practical training in the use of fire extinguishers, hoses and other fire fighting equipment. It also covers the use of breathing apparatus for fire fighting and rescue purposes. Live fire training is undertaken.
You will develop knowledge, understanding and practical competence where appropriate in minimising the risk of fire and maintaining a state of readiness to respond to emergency situations involving fire.

Elementary First Aid (STCW 2010)

Elementary First Aid theory and practical training covers basic first aid and basic life support skills. You will develop knowledge, understanding and practical competence, where appropriate, in the assessment of casualty needs and threats to your own safety.

Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities (STCW 2010)

Personal Safety & Social Responsibility provides basic induction training in safety procedures, accident prevention and familiarises new seafarers with employment and working conditions aboard a ship.

Proficiency in Security Awareness (STCW 2010)

Proficiency in Security Awareness provides knowledge and understanning on vessel security for those personal working onboard but not involved in security duties as part of their work


Medical Fitness

STCW training includes elements of demanding physical exercises including jumping from a height into the water (swimming pool) and carry casualties in breathing apparatus. Any candidate unsure of their fitness or suitability for such activities should consult their doctor. The gaining of a valid ML5 or ENG1 Medical Certificate is recommended prior to taking the course.

STCW 2010 Basic Safety Training Fee Includes:

  • Personal Survival Techniques (STCW)
  • Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting (STCW)
  • Elementary First Aid (STCW)
  • Personal Safety & Social Responsibility (STCW)
  • Proficiency in Security Awareness Course (STCW)
  • Equipment & protective clothing for the fire fighting training
  • Equipment & protective clothing for the sea survival training
  • Complete classroom facilities for the theory elements of the training
  • Professional instructors that are recognised experts in their specialty

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