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Delivering your motor boat safely and in a professional, seamanlike and timely manner is the aim of our motor yacht delivery service. However, before we can embark on that you need to feel confident in our ability to deliver your motor cruiser safely. The following list provides basic information with more detailed explanations below to help you decide if Marine Matters is the company to deliver your pride and joy. 

  • All deliveries are conducted by Yachtmaster instructors
  • 24/7 dedicated shore support, a service unique to Marine Matters
  • RYA training provided to owners, at no extra cost, during the voyage
  • Full liability insurance to comprehensively cover all eventualities
  • Deliveries are conducted under a mutually beneficial delivery agreement

The Delivery Skipper will lead a dedicated Marine Matters delivery crew. We operate with two Yachtmaster Instructor Skippers and one crew member for all deliveries over long distances and when round the clock watch keeping is required. If you wish to join the crew and go to a marina each night then we will only provide one Yachtmaster Instructor Skipper. However, ultimately the choice is yours provided we supply safe manning for the intended voyage.

24/7 Dedicated Shore Support is provided for each of our deliveries to ensure that our RYA Yachtmaster Instructor Skipper is able to concentrate on delivering your boat. Our shore support deals with the routine things like checking in each end of the day to providing advanced weather information, including talking to met office forecaster when required at no extra charge. We can also provide advice and assistance should anything go wrong; if stuck in a foreign port Marine Matters shore support is able to manage the situation, order parts and organise engineers etc. This service is unique to Marine Matters.

RYA Training en route is another big benefit of the Marine Matters delivery service. While we attend to all the day to day necessities that are required on a delivery you can gain invaluable experience in managing your vessel at sea while receiving RYA training from our Yachtmaster Instructor Skipper. If we are able to deliver the full syllabus then you will gain a RYA qualification at the same time, thus saving yourself hundreds of pounds.

A Professional Vessel Delivery Agreement is the basis for all our delivery work; This is simply a matter of professional conduct. Both parties will be protected by the Vessel_Delivery_Agreement ensuring that you can relax safe in the knowledge that we will deliver your vessel within clearly defined parameters. This includes insurance to cover our liabilities, which many small companies and one man bands find hard to secure from the underwriters. In Short this is the ultimate peace of mind. 

Request a quote by calling or emailing us. We will do all we can to ensure a competitive rate which will include vessel expenses (berthing, fuel etc), crew travel to and from the boat, food en route and of course the day rates for the crew. Our staff day rates are very competitive:

From £310.00 inc VAT per day for each RYA Yachtmaster Instructor Skipper

From £195.00 inc VAT per day for each crew member


RYA Course Map

coursemap textcourse mapPowerboat level 1 Powerboats level 2 Intermediate Powerboat Advanced Powerboat Advanced Powerboat VHF Sea survival First aid Radar Day skipper theory Day skipper motor cruising practical Helmsman practical Basic navigation safety Day skipper theory Yachtmaster motor cruising practical Day skipper motor cruising practical Coastal skipper and yachtmaster theory Yachtmaster coastal & offshore practical Yachtmaster coastal and offshore exams Yachtmaster cruising instructor Yachtmaster instructor Powerboat instructor Powerboat advanced instructor

Warsash Tides

High Tide 00:02 (4.42m)

High Tide 02:52 (4.17m)

Low Tide 06:10 (0.93m)

High Tide 12:19 (4.49m)

High Tide 15:04 (4.35m)

Low Tide 18:24 (0.99m)

The tide times are adjusted for British Summer Time where applicable.

Warsash Weather, Tuesday 17:00 - 22:59 UTC


15°C Min

15°C Max


Partly Cloudy becoming Light Rain
Wind: F5 becoming F6
Wind Direction: SSW
Max. Gust: 26kn becoming 34kn
Sea State: Moderate
Pressure: 1005mb
Visibility: Good